Monday, 3 April 2017

Date Night Glam

Hello beautiessss 
If you were to ask me what one of my favourite things to do of all time is, I would definitely say it's getting glam and going out for date night with my man. The getting ready process to me is so calming. Listening to music or watching my favourite movies as background noise while taking my sweet time doing my hair and makeup is such a nice treat to me. With both of us working full time and only having weekends to spend as much time as we want with one another, I want to make sure I am looking my best. And of course, since I am putting all this effort in getting ready, then babe and I always likes to keep our date nights fun and we are always wanting to try new things and go to new places. One of our favourite things to do is explore and discovering new favourite restaurants to eat at and new places to see.

Sometimes we really enjoy going all out for our date nights. This is important to us because we love having fun and experiencing new things together. I've teamed up with Turo for this post because they gave me a great idea that would surpass babe and I's date night outs. Since I love to be glam for our weekend getaways, I think renting a car is an awesome way of taking an easy extra step to ensure our date nights are done the right way. My boyfriend is also a really big car enthusiast as well so I know for sure a date night like this will be a great surprise for him. Whats great is that Turo offers such a great variety of cars which will allow you to have full control of making your dream date night into a reality. For instance, something like this Chevrolet Camaro and Range Rover is something we would definitely be interested in renting to make our date night more desirable. Plus, I feel like having a car like these for a night out encourages both of you to dress up and be glam, which is always so much more fun. 

I can totally imagine my boyfriend and I also using Turo for our weekend getaways. If there is one thing to know about me, it's that I absolutely love road trips! I always tend to rent a car when we do go away because a) its way more fun b) its more sufficient because it prevents increasing the mileage on my personal car and c) it totally changes the experience of the getaway because having the freedom of choice to rent any kind of car  you'd like makes the road trip that much more memorable. Also, its so fun to take a cool picture with a cool car and post on your socials! You'll definitely have your friends and followers questioning and envy your road trip style!  
Outfit details: Crop top - Zara / Boots - Steve Madden / Skirt - (similar here) / 
Sunglasses - Quay x Desi Perkins / Hair extensions - Bellami Hair
The handsome man behind the camera ;) 

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XO Janina 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Last Minute Go-To

Hello beautiessss 
I honestly have zero explanation as to why every single photo in this post looks as if I am promoting McDonalds' coffee besides the fact that my fingers were freezing and I wanted to feel the warmth of the coffee hahaha. I can't help but laugh at these pictures because the McDonalds coffee is totally stealing the show. Anyways, you guys are all aware that I was so obsessed with my black over the knee boots for the longest time and wore them in basically every post. However, these brown ones that I discovered by AMI club wear are just as awesome! They fit my legs and thighs so perfectly that it makes it super comfortable to wear. The heel on these boots are also not too high, which is another reason for its extreme comfort. This outfit has always been my go-to. I've worn this outfit multiple times before but for some reason only making it to the blog now. Whenever I don't know what to wear but still want to look casual glam and be comfortable all at the same time, this was the outfit I was walking out the door with. I am also still very much obsessed with these hair extensions and still stand by my claim that they are a complete game changer! 
Outfit details: Dress - Windsor (similar here) / Hair extensions - Irresistible Me in Royal Ash Blonde / Boots - AMI Clubwear / Sunglasses - Desi x Quay / Watch - Fossil / Bag - Gilliam by ALDO / Bracelets - Alex and Ani / Necklace - Windsor (exact dupe here)

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Trendy Must-Haves

For those who are a regular reader of my blog, then you would know that there is one particular accessory that is a big game changer for me. Sunglasses are one of my all time favourites to incorporate into my outfits because I think they are a great additional to any kinds of outfits. I love wearing sunglasses almost on a daily basis because they are purposeful and super trendy that pushes a great outfit to a fashionable one.  Because of this obsession, I love collecting different styles of sunglasses and I'm a big fan of new collections that are trendy, fashionable, but most important comfortable to wear. While trends changes all the time, sunglasses will be around forever and I love brands that create pieces that follow the trend while ensuring their pieces are still classy. 

Warby Parker is the best brand that ensures they are combining all of the absolute necessities that are required for sunglasses. This brand carries so many trendy sunglasses and designer brand eyeglasses that will suit pretty much everybody, carrying styles in both men and women. They have a great variety available on their website, so it's a great go-to brand for those who wear eyeglasses or sunglasses and even a great go-to brand as a gift guide. I encourage you guys to visit their website and read about their story. 

"Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive. It turns out there was a simple explanation. The eyewear industry is dominated by a single company that has been able to keep prices artificially high while reaping huge profits from consumers who have no other options. We started Warby Parker to create an alternative."

"By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price."

I enjoyed reading their story on their website because I found it very inspiring and relatable. Not everyone can afford designer brand eyeglasses and sunglasses all the time but people believe that they have no choice because they need something that is reliable and high-quality. I love that Warby Parker is a brand that believes in believing to be an alternative to this problem. I love even more that they are trendy because it easily becomes a brand that everyone should know about. Here are some of my favourite sunglasses that they carry on their website and an outfit that pairs greatly with any of them.


Each sunglasses that I have chosen gives the one outfit featured a different vibe, proving that sunglasses adds a great addition to any outfit because it completes the look. This is definitely an advantage to a fashion enthusiast because a pair of sunglasses that can alter one look is so fun. Thus, why I have an obsession and growing quite the collection of sunglasses haha. 

When I initially saw their new collection of sunglasses, I immediately thought to pair it with an outfit that screamed casual glam. These particular frames are sturdy and edgy, so I thought pairing it with an outfit that is both edgy and feminine would be a great combination. Edgy pieces paired with girly and feminine pieces are one of my all time favourite outfits because they really stand out. These kinds of outfits are attention-grabbing and definitely shows the crowd that you are trendy. Paired with these sunglasses will definitely accentuate those vibes because of the colourful frames. I love these frames paired with an outfit like this also because they are a great pop of colour addition to the outfit. I'm the type of person that loves to keep her outfits neutral with a slight pop of colour and these sunglasses are the perfect way to do that. 

Let me know what you beauties think of Warby Parker's collection and check out their new Metals Moments collection! 

XO Janina 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Game Changer

Hello beautiessss 
First of I want to point out that babe and I shot these photos in a -33 degree weather!! It was absolutely freezing but I absolutely love how the photos turned out. I think this was the fastest we shot photos for the blog because it was just way too cold to even care how the pictures turned out but once we warmed out and checked the pictures, we actually really liked how they all turned out. Second, these Irresistible Me hair extensions are a complete game changer for me. These ones are from their Royal Remi Hair line in the colour royal ash blonde. I absolutely love the colour and length of these. I got them in the 22 inch length and I loveeeee the effect this length of hair gives to my overall look. Hence why they are a true game change for me. The colour also gives me a really nice ombre look that I absolutely love. My hair naturally has a light ash blonde tips at the ends so the extensions blend well because of that. I just feel so much more confident with these extensions. They add great volume to my hair too which I have always wanted because I've always had very flat, straight hair. I've had trouble growing out my hair too because I style my hair almost daily so I do put a lot of heat damage to my hair, unfortunatelyl. So easily having the option to have the hair of my dreams is amazing. I love these extensions because the clips are very durable so they don't hurt my head or give me a headache like some other hair extensions I've tried in the past. I also love them because they are lightweight so they are very comfortable to wear and doesn't feel too heavy on my head. I highly recommend these hair extensions because they are very high quality and is truly a confident booster for me. 

The combination of this outfit is one of my favourites of all time. It's easy and comfortable, which is always my go-to. Sweater dress and knee-high boots and boom the outfit is complete. Super easy. I'm not usually a beanie person either, but I loved the pom pom's on this beanie and fell in love with it. I thought it was so cute and looks great with an outfit like this. Beanies are also great for second or third day hair and for lazy girls like me haha. 
Details: Hair extensions - Irresistible Me in Royal Ash Blonde / Sweater Dress - H&M / 
Beanie - Forever 21 / Boots - Steve Madden / Sunglasses - Desi x Quay / 
Jacket - Guess / Bag - Louis Vuitton

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year, New...

Hello beautiessss  
Happy 2017 fellow readers! I hope you all had a wonder holiday season and an amazing start to the new year so far. I hope the new year inspires you all to make improvements and better yourself from last year. I know it's definietly my goal for 2017! Now, I'm not one who has always made new goals for the start of the new year because I never really believed in waiting for a new year to make goals for myself. I have always believed if you wanted something done, work for it right there and then instead of waiting for a new year to start. However, for some odd reason, the start of this new year in particular has inspired me to re-think some of my goals and really think of what I want out of 2017. Last year was filled with blessing for me - new job, bought a house with my boyfriend, worked out 5 days a week, and travelled as much as I can. All these things are so great and I feel so thankful for all these accomplishments. However, since I had just graduated university November of 2015, my mind set of 2016 was just getting my feet on the ground and having it all. However, being on this constant grind all year stopped me from being social and spending a lot of time with my family and friends. I rarely made time for my best friends in 2016 and it's a shameful feeling. This year, I want to focus on living in the moment and spend more meaningful time with my family and friends. Also, I want to be more open to making new friends and encourage myself to approach strangers that could turn into friends. Moreover, I want to focus more on my blog this year. I really want to be more consistent on here. Blogging really is my biggest passion, therefore, blogging includes one of the things I love that I need to make more time for this year. I want a healthier work-life balance. Last year my everyday routine was the exact same - go to work, go to the gym, go home, and do it all over again the next day and the next day and the next. It became a boring routine, rather than a happy lifestyle. I'm excited for 2017 and I'm looking forward to how I'm able to accomplish these goals of mine. 

This outfit is one of my favorite go-to's. It's easy, comfortable, and still presentable. A good pair of jeans that fit well is a must. American Eagle jeans are the only ones I can wear because they fit me the best. Their jean sizes come in all different ranges but the best part is they come in long, regular, and short. This is great for me because I'm only 5" and I buy my jeans in short so I can avoid having to get them hemmed. Another staple in my closet is this leather jacket. I bought it from H&M two years ago, and I wear it religiously up to this day. It pairs well with anything and everything so I love throwing this over my outfits. This scarf really adds a comfortable vibe to my outfit and I love these looks. I love it because it's multi-purpose. It keeps me warm and adds a nice pop to my outfit.
Sweater - Ami Club Wear / Leather jacket -H&M (similar here) / Jeans - American Eagle / 
Bag - Kate Spade / Scarf - SheInside (similar here)(similar here) / Choker - Ami Club Wear / 
Sunnies - High Key by Quay / Heels - Vince Camuto

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed! 

XO Janina