Sunday, 27 April 2014

Introduction to Janina Fran

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

Welcome to my blog where I plan to use this as my outlet to express my creative thoughts and ideas. You can expect posts regarding fashion ideas, first impressions and reviews on beauty products, book reviews, and follow me around posts. I am currently getting an itch to really explore more of the blogging world as I have been around it for years. I have been a dedicated follower of so many of my favourite bloggers and youtube bloggers for almost five years and I have been wanting to start my own for a long time and I thought this would be the perfect time in my life to start! 

I am passionate about all things girly: fashion, beauty, shopping, girls night out, romantic comedies, romance, and so much more! I can also even consider myself a workaholic because I love being busy and being dedicated to working towards something I know that is truly valuable. This blog will be used as my outlet to express all things that I love, so subscribe and I hope you enjoy! 

Twitter & IG: janinafran 

Xo, Janina

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