Friday, 9 May 2014

April Favorites 2014

I know I'm kind of late on the april favourites but I tried a lot of new beauty products this past month and I am excited to share my thoughts on all of them with you. They say its better late than never right? ;)

Bath and Body Works Spray in Velvet Sugar: This scent is so perfect for an everyday body spray for this current spring season. Not to mention the name of the fragrance mist is a perfect description of the scent itself. It truly does smell like sugar and candies. Plus, the packaging of the bottle is absolutely stunning and so adorable! I love using this fragrance mist for everyday, however the lasting finish is not that long. So, I would recommend this for an everyday work or school day. My boyfriend loves this scent as well so ladies I think that means it's a winner! 

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation: This could possibly be my new all time favourite drugstore foundation. It has SPF 20, which automatically makes it a great foundation for the upcoming summer season since it is important to protect our skin from the heat of the sun to prevent wrinkles in the future. The pump of the foundation is a great bonus and I personally think it squirts the proper amount of foundation for my whole face. My shade is in 957 golden tan. What I love most about this foundation is the coverage and the long lasting finish. The foundation coverage is anywhere from medium-full coverage, making my skin look absolutely flawless. This past few months I have been breaking out like crazy because of a moisturizer that I was using and this foundation covered it all! I was so impressed and the fact that it is long lasting made it even better. 

Revlon Photoready Foundation: This foundation is amazing for photos! It makes my skin look super flawless and it is long lasting as well. However, I personally cannot use this foundation for everyday because it is full, heavy coverage so I mostly use this for when I am going out at night because I will most likely be taking photos. My shade is golden beige. This foundation is also very watery compared to the cover girl 3 in 1 foundation. When I pump this foundation on the back of my hand, it automatically starts to run down my hand but the Covergirl foundation does not do that for me, which I do not personally like but it is not a big deal for me. 

Wet n Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink: Affordable and amazing, what more can you ask for?! There has been hype with these wet n wild blushes for years now and this product is well deserving of the praise. It is simply amazing. And its less than $3! I was looking for a blush that is appropriate for the current spring season and this is it! It is insanely pigmented and the finish makes my skin look glowy and highlights my cheeks; so perfect right?! 

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark: The tanner I got, the darker of a bronzer was needed for contouring. I love love love contouring because I think it completely changes your entire look and the shape of your face. My face is really round so contouring is important for me to give my face more dimension and shape. To do that, a dark bronzer is essential because it really does the trick. This bronze booster by Physicians Formula is perfect because it is dark enough to give my face dimension but not too dark that it makes my face look muddy. The only thing I do not like about this product is the packaging and the prize. I personally think it is unnecessarily too bulky and for a drugstore product it is pretty prizey, marketing for $20. 

MAC Prep + Prime: Besides a heavy contour, I am a big fan of a brightening underneath the eye! It makes a huge difference to my overall look because it makes my makeup look so much more complete. I use this Mac cream highlighter on top of my under eye concealer and it just brightens up my whole face and makes me look so much more awake. This is the shade in Radiant Rose. 

MAC Cream Blush in Something Special: This blush in particular just had me becoming obsessed with cream blushes! They are so much more long lasting than powder blushes and looks so much more natural. I love placing the wet n wild blush on top of this cream blush and the duo is great paired together. I use a stippling brush from ELF to apply this cream blush on and it works wonders. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil in Black Velvet: I received this sample size eye pencil from Urban Decay in my IPSY bag for the month of March and I have been absolutely loving it! I am tempted to run to Sephora and buy more of these eye pencils in multiple colours. It is really black and creamy and I mostly use it on my waterline and to tight line. Surprisingly, it lasts quite a long time on my waterline considering the other eye pencils or cream liners I have used just eventually disappears. So this eye pencil is a winner for me!

Loreal Lash out Butterfly (Waterproof): My all time favourite mascara is the Covergirl Lash Perfection mascara because it gives my lashes great length and volume, while separating them, preventing them from clumping from one another. However, it did not come in a waterproof formula and that is a must for my lashes because otherwise they do NOT stay curled. It was so close to being the most perfect mascara for me. Until Loreal released this mascara and it just does everything I love from my Covergirl mascara but it is waterproof! A waterproof mascara makes the biggest difference to my lashes because it really does keep my lashes curled compared to a mascara that is not waterproof. I also love that even though it is waterproof, it is not difficult to take off with my makeup wipes.

Simple Cleansing Makeup Wipes: Speaking of makeup wipes… This is my first time trying out these makeup wipes and they work really well. They completely take off my face and eye make up. However, they are just not as wet as my favourite makeup wipes from Neutrogena, so I would not say these Simple makeup wipes are a new all time favourite but they still work really well.

Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder: Simply amazing!!!! My new all time favourite face powder. It is light, yet the coverage is amazing. It gives my face an amazing flawless finish. I have also used the loose powder version of this product, however I do prefer the pressed powder much more. It is easier to work with because you don't have to worry about making a mess. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and thoughts on all these products! Comment below and let me know if you have tried out any of the products I mentioned above. 

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XO, Janina

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