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Bachlorette/Stagette Party Ideas

Hey everyone!

This post is about four days late now because I am still recovering from one of the greatest weekends ever! My best friend since I was in grade 3 has a new sister in her family! Because we have been best friends for so long I have also become very close with her family. Her older brother is about to get married to one of the most beautiful and genuine woman I have met, Julie, and I am so incredibly happy for the both of them. 

Meet the soon to be, Mrs. Reyes! 

This past weekend was Julie's bachlorette party, all planned by her maid of honour, Jenny. Everything was a surprise for Julie. We all had such a great time that I figured I would share our fun weekend with you all, incase anyone was looking for inspiration or ideas on what to do for a bachlorette party. And honestly, everything we did would make for a really great girls weekend too, no occasion necessary! Just a perfect weekend with your best girlfriends without breaking the bank and not going too far away from home. 

Stacy, Me, Jenny, Julie, Roxy, Steph (missing Margarie because she arrived much later)

There were seven of us girls there, including Julie and we decided to make it a mini vacation for all of us. Our weekend was held in Banff, which is just a little over an hour drive away from our home. It is a great historic location that is close to home but far enough to feel like we were on a mini vacation. Going away on a mini trip such as this one is a great idea for a bachlorette's weekend because it makes the bride to be and all of her best girlfriends make them feel like they can relax and do whatever they want, which is what all vacations should be about! 

So here's how our weekend played out! Julie, Jenny, and Stacy arrived in Banff at noon and since check in at our hotel was not til 3 pm, the girls took Julie to a surprise spa experience. The rest of us girls arrived at the hotel early and arranged with the hotel manager to let us check in early so we can decorate our room. By the way, our room was a two bedroom suite, which was so amazing! One bedroom with two queen beds, living room, and mini kitchen upstairs and the other bedroom with two other queen beds was downstairs. The best part of our hotel is the amazing hot tub. If you look at the picture below, behind us is the cave where the hot tub was located. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it because it was so cool and nothing like I have ever seen before. And I know the cave behind us looks small, but its actually really big inside. And because there is that opening on the roof of the cave, it was the perfect lighting inside; not too dark, not too bright. 

If you look at the picture below, this is how we decorated our suite. This picture does not do our decorating techniques justice at all (or maybe it does but I just want to believe that we did a really good job decorating the place haha). Anyways, our theme was pink and white so we bought pink balloons and pink and white streamers. We also found streamers that said "Caution! Wild Girls" which we thought was really funny so we placed that all around the room as well. Oh and not to mention, we put that sign on our door so everyone passing by knew that there was a crazy girls weekend going on in that specific room. 

After Julie and the other girls arrived in our suite, we all started to get ready for our night out. Lets be honest, seven girls getting ready at once was going to take hours (even though we had two bathrooms in our suite). After we all got ready, we took a million selfless (as expected). The picture below is one of the first selfies that we took.

Me, Julie, Roxy

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that we planned to all wear black while the bride to be wore white, so she stood out to make her know that this weekend was all about her. And of course, we bought her a sash that said "Bride to Be" and a crown with a veil. 

Before dinner, we asked our taxi driver to drive us around the city with the best view so we can take pictures. Here are some of those pictures below. 

So here is our dinner selfie (picture above). We ate at Girogios, which is an italian restaurant. And because Italian means pasta and bread, a.k.a. carbs, we decided to just eat "family style". We just ordered two different pasta and five different appetizers, and just shared everything. Everything was delicious! Except, we did not order dessert, which was very unusual for us, but the dessert selection for this particular restaurant did not seem very appealing so we skipped. 

Then after dinner we went back to the suite and drank the night away! Just kidding, but we did drink. A lot. We used this time to share some funny past relationship stories and current ones as well. But what was most interesting was sharing our funny and craziest sex experiences. I mean, come on ladies, what is a bachlorette weekend without sex conversations, right?! 

Ofcourse, the night did not end there! We went to a club nearby called Aurora, which was basically the only club in town, which meant it would be very busy. And busy it was! The pictures below are some evidence of our crazy night out. 

Bathroom selfless of the win! And as you can tell, we were all pretty wasted at this point. But we stayed classy ofcouse! 

When we got back to our suite, Julie (in her drunk state) decided to give us our gifts (which none of us expected, but it was a very pleasant surprise). The picture above is my selfie with her gift, which was red wine. 

The next morning we checked out of our hotel room and we went to Banff Castle, which was just absolutely beautiful! (I wish I had the pictures, but they were on Jenny's phone). But seriously guys, it was so beautiful, I almost decided in that exact moment that I wanted to have my wedding there… yeah. 

Anyways, the castle had a super cute and chic restaurant called "Afternoon Tea". The menu consisted of multiple tea options, which were so delicious and our food were these adorable mini sandwiches and pastries (picture below). And even though everything looks so small, I am telling you guys, we couldn't even finish everything because we were so full. But seriously, could that not look any more adorable?! We almost did not want to eat anything and just take pictures of it all day long. 

And after this, we all made our way home. But seriously, none of us wanted to go home. We all had such an amazing time together and now we can't wait for her bridal shower coming up in a month and then of course, the big wedding day!! It is going to be such a beautiful and perfect day, I just know it! 

But anyways, sorry for the super long post, but I really wanted to share my fun weekend with you all and give some of you ideas of what you can do for your bachlorette weekend. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and checking out all the pictures! 

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XO, Janina 

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