Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Charlotte Russe Clothing Haul & Try On!

Hello everyone!!

Two posts in one day, woot look at me go haha.

I got so excited when this online package from Charlotte Russe finally arrived today so naturally I tried everything on and I thought I would share what I got with all of you. Also, I will be linking everything I got on the site so you can easily find it and purchase it for yourself. Haha, sorry for encouraging you to spend money, but hey at least Charlotte Russe is more on the affordable end. 

 So starting off with accessories, I have been really obsessed with subtle but yet statement necklaces. Which is quite hard to find, especially since I am so picky. But I found these from Charlotte Russe and I loved it! Plus it was buy 2 for $10, which was a total score! 

Moving on to clothing:

First up is this gorgeous white and black dress. For those of you who haven't realized, black and white is a huge trend for this spring and summer season. I originally bought this dress for my boyfriend's grad, which was yesterday so obviously I couldn't wear it then. But if in case you're curious, CLICK HERE to see what I wore instead. 
Although it did not arrive on time, I have no plans on returning it because I love the baby doll look it has with the ball gown style. I think it would be even cuter if it's paired with a beautiful thin belt around the waistline. I will do a separate OOTD post when I do decide to wear it out. 

I was skeptical in buying this one, not because it wasn't adorable (because it so so is) but because I own so many black crop tops already. But I loved the lace design of this one so I could not pass it up.

I am a sucker for anything cobalt blue these days. You would know that if you saw the post I did on that beautiful cobalt blue dress. In case you missed that one, CLICK RIGHT HERE.
So when I saw these shorts, I didn't even hesitate placing it on my online shopping cart. LOVE!

Okay, so for this next one I know this may seem like it's a one-piece bathing suit. But it's not. It's a bodysuit. A very risky low neckline and completely open back bodysuit. It was really hard to show you in a picture. It looks better on the model haha so check out the link below. 
And by the way, I am wearing a bandeau underneath so you can't really see how low the neckline really is. Also, the back is completely open. But again, the model on the site showcases the bodysuit a lot better. Link below.

That puts an end to my Charlotte Russe haul. I think Charlotte Russe has to be one of my top five favourite stores to shop at. I live in Canada, so we don't actually have a store located anywhere here (not that I know of anyways - for sure not where I live). So it makes me so happy that they actually ship to Canada. I have ordered from them multiple times before this one, so I am quite familiar with the website. I also love how fast shipping is. Again, because I live in Canada, all the other online stores I order from usually take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to ship my order. But my order from Charlotte Russe usually arrives within a week, which is another main reason why I love online shopping from them. 

In case I don't end up blogging an outfit on any of these pieces, make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM (CLICK HERE) because I will most likely be posting selfies and such on there haha. 

That's it for now. Toddles, beauties! 

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XO, Janina


  1. Such great pieces! I have never purchased anything from that brand before but it is good to know they ship to Canada! Love the black and white dress!


    1. You should definitely check them out! I am never disappointed by the clothing items I order from them and they're super affordable which is a great bonus :)

  2. So cute great package! Waiting for some of my online shopping packages to arrive soon too. They are the best to come home to.


    1. Haha I very much agree with you on that one :)

  3. Wow those are great finds! :)

    Please visit my blog too and check out my new post. And if you like, we could follow each other so we'd stay in touch. I'd love to hear something from you :)
    The Girl Behind The Pen

  4. Love your purchases, I really like the necklaces you picked out especially :)