Friday, 7 October 2016

Life Update ♡

Hello beautiesss 
I just want to start off by saying I sincerely apologize for my long absence here on my blog. I promise to you that my passion for blogging and for reading blogs is still very much alive and even more so now that I have gone without it for so long. I have no excuse but simply the fact that life got in the way. I graduated university in November 2015 and everyday after that has been a non stop rollercoaster. I was so happy to have successfully finished my undergrad and I anxiously impatient to get my non-student life started. However, non-student life was one that I was not prepared for. It was fun and stressful all at the same time. It was fun because I felt I had more freedom and had more control of my day to day life. It was exciting knowing I could just go to work and go home and do whatever it was I wanted instead of going to school all day and then going to work afterwards. On the other hand, job hunting for a real "adult" job was difficult. I knew I had to start somewhere even though it wasn't an ideal job position. Thankfully, I now have a job that I am doing very well at and enjoying. I have been at this job for about 8 months long and I am finally getting adjusted to my new lifestyle and routines. My work hours are early and consists of long days with lots of required overtime hours. However, now that I am finally adjusted to my new job hours, I want to make more time for things I love most. I want to focus on my blog again as well as get back to reading. I miss both of these hobbies of mine so much and I'm excited to get back into it. 

Now that I've given you all that updates, I thought I'd share some of my fun memories from this past summer. Looking back at all these photos makes me already miss summer so much. Today was the first day it snowed for the season and I'm already wanting the warm weather back. Anyways, I hope you enjoy looking through photos from my summer 2016 ♡. 
Photos from my boyfriend's 25th birthday ♡.
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Photos before the Rihanna concert which was amazing!
Surprise! This a photo from the design centre because my boyfriend and I bought a brand new home! We also have the privilege of designing it ourselves so this was from one of our design meetings ♡.
Photos before the Selena Gomez concert ♡.  
Photos at the Beyonce concert ♡.
Photos after I got my hair coloured brunette ♡. 
Hiking with my love ♡. 
Photos at the Drake concert with the girls ♡.
Misguided Bodysuit / Wrap Skort / Over the knee boots
Summer day with my love ♡.
Bomber jacket

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed!

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XO Janina 

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