Thursday, 3 November 2016

When in LA

Hello beautiessss 
Oh, Los Angeles! This trip was one of the best and one that I would do again and again and again. The atmosphere in LA is truly unique and one that makes you feel so inspired by everything in your surroundings. I have always dreamt of being in LA and maybe one day living there. I wanted to make sure I at least visited it for the year of 2016 and I'm so happy to have made that happen. For those who do not know, my boyfriend is a basketball player and is also a really big fan of the NBA. If you guys remember Kobe Bryant announced his retirement from basketball earlier this year and it was my boyfriend's ultimate goal to watch him live on the court. Therefore, for our seven year anniversary in November last year, I gifted him two tickets to a Lakers vs. Clippers game for April 2016, which was also his birthday month. He was thrilled and so was I. We both get to go to LA and he gets to live out one of his dreams to watch a live NBA game and I get to live my dream of visiting LA. Actually being in LA just validated and intensified my dream of living there one day so much more. I've never been to a place before where I gained inspiration from literally everything and everyone around me wherever I went. I loved the diversified culture from the streets, restaurants, cafes, parties, and everything else. Of course, I also very much loved the weather. It rained some of the days we were there but it didn't bother us all too much. Coming from a place like Calgary where its winter season for more than half the year, it was so nice being in a place where the weather was always guaranteed to be beautiful. I loved how close it was to the beach. I loved the shopping malls. I loved the cafes and restaurants. I loved the street foods. I loved everything. The only thing that I didn't particularly enjoy (which I'm sure is everyone else's complaint) is the traffic. I have to admit the traffic was a big down side to our trip because sometimes it took so many hours to get from one place to another that it cut our time of actually being to our destination. However, that didn't stop my boyfriend and I from falling in love with the place. Like I said, we would go back and re-live this trip again and again. We got to do so many things and I'm excited to share it all with my readers ♥. I hope you enjoy getting a full photo album of our trip! 

My airport attire consisted of a t-shirt dress, booties, and a light jacket. I carried my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which I find to be perfect for the airport because I have so much room for all my necessities. Also, because it's an open bag, I can easily grab my passport and flight tickets when needed. Our flight was really early in the morning so my hair is just second day hair and I wore no makeup to my flight and just did my makeup on the plane. We landed early afternoon and LAX was an experience by itself haha. It was crazy busy and super crowded. It was also our first time trying out Uber since we do not have one here in Calgary. It took us so long to find our Uber driver alone because we kept going to the wrong place from what he was telling us. He ended up being really nice and recommended us to stop and get burgers at this one place that was located near our Airbnb. Our Airbnb was located three blocks away from the Staples Centre. 
When we got to our room we quickly got ready because we were attending The Late Night Show of James Corden. The guests of his show that night was Jennifer Hudson, Aaron Paul, and Hoizer. It was super cool to actually witness what went on behind the scenes of an actual show. For those of you who do not know, I graduated with a Communications, Media, and Film studies degree so seeing behind the scenes of a show was super inspiring to me. This is one of the main reasons why I've always dreamt of living in LA because there are so many media companies in the city that I would just absolutely loveeee to work for. I've always wanted to work for the media industry and seeing the full production of a show was really exciting for me. They asked everyone to turn off their phone so no one can take pictures and post them online before the show went live but we were able to sneak in the photo you see below when the show ended. Months before we left for this trip I tried so hard to get tickets for The Ellen Show. I checked her website literally every single day but no luck :( but it's okay because it just gives us an excuse to go to LA again ;). 
The next morning we picked up our car rental and decided to go shopping at the infamous Grove. I've heard so many bloggers and YouTubers talk about this place that it was a must place to see for me. I loved being there. It was a shopping mall where stores were still located outside so it allowed us to still enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible. We checked out the Nike store and was able to buy a really nice pair of Nike sneakers that I wear all the time even to this day. 
After the mall, we went back to our Airbnb and got ready for the Lakers vs. Clippers game at the Staples Centre. The streets were soooo busy and crowded just to even go near the Staples Centre but it was great cause everyone was so hyped. Our seats were super cool as well because we were so close to the court and seeing the look on my boyfriend's eyes when we walked inside Staples Centre was so worth it alone. He was so happy to be there and I was happy that I bought those tickets for him. It was pretty cool because sitting right in front of us was Boris Kodjoe. We didn't recognize him at first until the girls sitting a few rows behind us kept screaming his name and then he turned around to wave and I freaked out when I realized it was him. He was literally sitting directly in front of us, it was awesome. Babe loved seeing Kobe Bryant and he felt so honored to be able to watch him live before he retired. The crowd was insane that night for Kobe and they were all screaming his name all game long. After the game, we decided to drive around downtown LA and just do some late night downtown exploring.  I loved it because the streets were still so full of live even late at night and I loved the energy. 
The next day we went to the happiest place on earth! I was excited because it was my first time ever going and babe hasn't been since he was a very young boy. We got there early and the weather was really nice. Unfortunately, it rained the majority of the afternoon but we didn't let that ruin out entire day. I loved being there, I felt like such a kid and everything was so aesthetically pleasing. I loved the energy in the place, the music, the people, the rides (except for the long lines haha), and of course the food. Disneyland had some really good food and desserts and I didn't hesistate to eat them all. The fireworks late at night were also really beautiful and so fun to watch. By the end of the night, I was sooo tired from walking around all day but it was so worth it. 
The next day was kind of a fail haha. We planned it so that it would be a beach day. I wanted to drive from beach to beach to beach to beach. I wanted to see Santa Monica, Venice beach, and all the way to Laguna beach. I really wanted to see Laguna beach because for those who remember that show, I loveeeed that show! I wanted to see it in real life. However, two things got in our way: non stop rain all day and crazy traffic. So we couldn't really spend the whole day at the beach because it was raining so hard but we did still manage to go to Venice beach and Santa Monica. We didn't get to spend that much time at either places because of the cold and rain but Im happy I got to see what I did. 
Since our beach day was a fail, we just decided to spend the night again driving around downtown LA and Hollywood. We ended up coming across The Observatory and it was sooo worth it going late at night. The view was unreal and even though the place was packed with people, I found it very calming and peaceful in there. The details of the place was just stunning and so worth it to see. After that, we decided to walk around the Hollywood strip and got to see so many cool things! Once again, the streets were crowded and full of life and I loved it! It wasn't raining anymore, so the weather was a nice breeze so it was perfect to walk around. As we were walking we saw a huge crowd of people waiting outside this one building so we decided to wait around and find out what it was all about. It ended up being a movie premiere for the movie "Barber Shop" that came out this past summer and we saw so many celebrities! We saw Nicki Minaj, Ice Cube, Eve, Common, Anthony Anderson, King Bach, and so much more! For those who do not know, I love celebrities and I kind of go fan girl crazy and that's exactly what happened that night. I felt like on cloud nine because I got to see all those celebrities and I felt like I was truly in Los Angeles. Before the trip I kept saying to my boyfriend that I really want to see some celebrities and I was happy I got to see so many that night. It was so random and not planned but clearly we were just at the right place at the right time. 
On our last full day we just decided to go shopping all day. We didn't get to shop all that much during this trip but I was okay with that because we got to see and go to so many places that I've always wanted to see. However, on our last full day we just decided to hit up some malls and shop a bit. That night we decided to do date night and hit up Korean barbecue. Before that, we went to the last stop that I had on my wishlist and that was LACMA. I've seen LACMA all over Instagram and it was so much more stunning in person. I think the museum looks better at night time so thats when we went. The lights were so pretty and babe and I spent a lot of time there just taking pictures haha. I was so sad for this night to end because I knew our trip was basically over. Our flight was the next morning and it was one of those trips where you wished you only purchased a one way ticket. There wasn't even a little part of me that was ready to go home. We were able to go and see so many places on my wish list but I felt like there was still so much more to see of LA. However, my boyfriend reassured me that this feeling was good because it only meant that we had to come back and I was so okay with that! I can't wait for our next trip back to LA and see so much more of what that city has to offer! 

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed! 


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  2. I've never been to California except driving through it when my family moved from Hawai'i to Georgia when I was super young, and your pics make me totally want to go! Especially for Disney and the beaches. Luckily I live super close to the beach in North Carolina and I've been to Disney in Florida, but I still want to experience the west coast! Also your hair is flawless, I love it!

  3. I love your photos! You look so pretty! Hope you enjoyed LA!

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