Monday, 3 April 2017

Date Night Glam

Hello beautiessss 
If you were to ask me what one of my favourite things to do of all time is, I would definitely say it's getting glam and going out for date night with my man. The getting ready process to me is so calming. Listening to music or watching my favourite movies as background noise while taking my sweet time doing my hair and makeup is such a nice treat to me. With both of us working full time and only having weekends to spend as much time as we want with one another, I want to make sure I am looking my best. And of course, since I am putting all this effort in getting ready, then babe and I always likes to keep our date nights fun and we are always wanting to try new things and go to new places. One of our favourite things to do is explore and discovering new favourite restaurants to eat at and new places to see.

Sometimes we really enjoy going all out for our date nights. This is important to us because we love having fun and experiencing new things together. I've teamed up with Turo for this post because they gave me a great idea that would surpass babe and I's date night outs. Since I love to be glam for our weekend getaways, I think renting a car is an awesome way of taking an easy extra step to ensure our date nights are done the right way. My boyfriend is also a really big car enthusiast as well so I know for sure a date night like this will be a great surprise for him. Whats great is that Turo offers such a great variety of cars which will allow you to have full control of making your dream date night into a reality. For instance, something like this Chevrolet Camaro and Range Rover is something we would definitely be interested in renting to make our date night more desirable. Plus, I feel like having a car like these for a night out encourages both of you to dress up and be glam, which is always so much more fun. 

I can totally imagine my boyfriend and I also using Turo for our weekend getaways. If there is one thing to know about me, it's that I absolutely love road trips! I always tend to rent a car when we do go away because a) its way more fun b) its more sufficient because it prevents increasing the mileage on my personal car and c) it totally changes the experience of the getaway because having the freedom of choice to rent any kind of car  you'd like makes the road trip that much more memorable. Also, its so fun to take a cool picture with a cool car and post on your socials! You'll definitely have your friends and followers questioning and envy your road trip style!  
Outfit details: Crop top - Zara / Boots - Steve Madden / Skirt - (similar here) / 
Sunglasses - Quay x Desi Perkins / Hair extensions - Bellami Hair
The handsome man behind the camera ;) 

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed! 

XO Janina 


  1. Oooh that black top is super chic.

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  4. OMG you two look amazing! Couplegoals!

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  7. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

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